The Sports Massage Focus

Sports Massage is primarily focused on correcting/treating unique physical issues. Whether you are an elite athlete nursing a serious injury, a mature athlete ‘overdoing it’ on the weekend or simply a parent with a bad back as a result of carrying a child, Sports Massage can help benefit you.

When performing a Sports Massage treatment we focus on Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release techniques.

Soft Tissue Injury? Can't Work or Play? Need a Treatment Plan? Contact Us Today!!!

Every Session We Aim To

◦ Reduce pain, soreness, and tightness
◦ Improve blood and lymphatic circulation
◦ Encourage fast recovery from exercise and athletic activity
◦ Improve/Restore flexibility and ROM (range of motion)
◦ Stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles
◦ Speed up recovery post injury
◦ Relieve chronic issues and conditions

It is our mission to have you back to your family, sporting activity or job, in the best possible condition, as quickly as possible.